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So I figured I'd start this up again. What the heck, right? Its been a while since I've been on lj....I deleted my old journal a while ago because I just didn't really like the blogging scene that much. But that was a few years ago so maybe it's changed. Maybe. Or it could have to do with the fact that at that time, I didn't have any real life friends on my friends list, but now I'm at college so that will probably be different. (Hi, Marianne!)

I don't know yet whether I like my layout, but I can't believe I remembered all the css codes...why can't I remember other stuff? Like phenotypic ratios? Oh, and just to clarify--my username refers to hotwalker as in someone who walks out horses that have returned from the racetrack, hence, someone who walks out hot horses--just so there wasn't any confusion, because the connotations of that word could be a little....misinterpreted.

I should be working on my advocacy essay, but I haven't even gotten to the obligatory 'my day was....' portion of the entry, so here we go.

My day was weird. It started off weird and the trend kept going. Or maybe getting up at 4:30 in the morning slowly alters your perspective on things, or just melts your brain altogether, but anyhoo. Work has been kinda dull the past few days, but today more than made up for it. Wow. In no particular order:

-  a groom in Tom Amoss's barn was kicked in the head around seven this morning. It was definitely one of those 'man, that could be me' moments. The poor guy was out cold for at least 10 minutes. Apparently a two-year-old nailed him square in the noggin. Um, ouch.

- A Mexican with gold teeth and long scary fingernails asked for my number and wanted to know if I smoked 'good stuff'. That speaks for itself I think. Needless to say, I'll be detouring around Steve Flint's barn tomorrow.

- I didn't get paid, yet Darren told me yesterday that Billy left our checks in the tack room before he left for Florida. So I don't know what is up with that. Especially since Gerry got his check today...WTF? Oh well. I make $200 a week--I don't need to complain I suppose.

- Rudy apparently has not one kid, but a gaggle of them, and apparently, his family made a trackside visit today. I was officially freaked out, much to Tony's amusement.

Ok, I've really got to start doing some-school related work. Finals in Biology and Archaeology are Thursday...I know I'll do well in Arch, but Bio? Not so sure. I pretty much bombed the last test. Having a a huge ass paper due the day before finals doesn't help much.

Work will be busy tomorrow...Bill is coming back from Florida with a couple more 3 year-olds (we've had only four horses for almost a week), plus I have to interview a few people for my paper. When I get back from work, I need to do some major organizing since I'll be moving out of Kurz next weekend, and I need to call Warrendale and get a slot for Keeneland, something I've been putting off for weeks.

Somewhere in there I guess I'll sleep and eat.
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