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Same old, same old

I'm so tired of being tired and feeling overwhelmed. I know it will all be over in four days, and I can go home and have a long weekend with my family and my horse....I can't wait for that kind of freedom again. But getting to that point is the hardest part. I want to do good on this paper and on my tests. Its just so much crammed into every week, I struggle to keep up and end up feeling so overwhelmed...I don't do anything but study and go to work. I just hope things change after these two classes end because I'm not liking my current schedule. Things will be different though, because English and History are my favorite subjects, and my class time (5:30 - 8:30) will better fit my work schedule. No more boring 9:40 bio lectures!

I did get alot accomplished today. Not as much as I would like, but enough. I went back to Churchill after my nap at around 2:30 to interview Gerry for my paper. I almost didn't, but I'm glad I did because now I think I have enough material to work with. I really need to interview one more person but I just don't think I'm going to have the time. So, other than that, I didn't work on The Paper from Hell, per se, but I did do some much needed studying for Biology. This section (reproduction) is much easier than that genetic crap we did last week.

Work was good today. I decided that I enjoy it so much more when I'm not tired, which is why I really try hard to get enough sleep. Last week I didn't, and I got so tired while I was hotwalking. Which isn't good when your handling a horse that has the potential to kick your head off. But yeah, I love my job when I'm not tired, but I think that pertains to any job!

Lets see, what else...this morning Liliana went down with Nick. According to Rudy, a horse was coming in the gap acting all crazy, so Liliana, being the nut case she is, decided to be crazy, too, and reared straight up. She lost her balance and fell on her back, and in the process, landed on Nick who fortunately, was fast enough to roll out of the way without getting more than a slightly squashed leg. I was getting ice at the time, and somebody from Hal Wiggin's barn told me we had a loose horse come off the track, but I was like, um, no we don't. But it was her. Mean old cow. I'm just glad Nick wasn't hurt...only extremely pissed off. I don't blame him, but man, Aussies have bad tempers. heh.

I can't wait until this weekend. Part of me wants to stay in Louisville and organize my appartment and sleep, the other part wants to go home and sleep and eat my mom's home cooking. But I think I'll go home. Organizing my apartment isn't that important, at least not for now. It'll be weird to move in and leave town right after, though.

Wow. I have to be up in four hours. Ciao!
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